Shared Links

American Kennel Club
Canadian Kennel Club
Champlain Valley Kennel Club
Our local Kennel Club
Chittenden County Humane Society
Companion Training
Companion dog and service dog training
Franklin County Humane Society

Swissy Info
American Greater Swiss Breeders Association
Greater Swiss
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America
Greater Swiss Mt Dog Pedigree Database
New England Swissies
Swissy club of New England

Contry Hill Farm
Our family farm back home in Mason, NH.
Dog Show Entry
Dog Show Information
Hogan Leather
Newfoundland Website
Richmond, VT
Rottweiler Website
Show Dog Photography
Showtime Design Show Dog Graphic Design by Jennifer Milani
Show Me The Biscuit
Dog training
Wilczek Wood Works
A local breeder of Bernese Mountain Dogs and cart builder.

Medical Info
Animal Hip Improvement Research
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Veterinary Medical Database
VPI Pet Insurance

Swissy Breeders
Alastair GSMD
GSMD breeder in CT
Houha Swissys
GSMD breeder in IL
K2 Swissys
GSMD breeder in NY
Land’s End GSMD
GSMD breeder in MA
Liberty Run Kennels
GSMD breeder in OK
Matterhorn GSMD
GSMD breeder in NY
NOX Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
GSMD breeder in VA
Painted Mountain Ranch
GSMD breeder in WA
Prism GSMD
GSMD breeder in MA
RamsGate Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs
GSMD breeder in OR
Seneca Swissys
GSMD breeder in IN
Shadetree Kennels
GSMD breeder in VA
Trout Creek Swiss Mountain Dogs
GSMD breeder in WA
Wildest Dream Farm
GSMD breeder in MI

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