aare1.jpgGCH. Swiss Run’s SD Denali, CGC, NWPD, HCT, PT, RE, WWD, ROM (Retired)

Aare is the girl we kept out of our breeding with Essa and Bruno. Aare is full of fire and shines with personality. She is following her father’s footsteps in the show ring. She is an avid swimmer like her mother. She is named after a river in Switzerland. 

She is the mother of our ,

1 Puppies 1 Boy (Limit) Litter 7/10/2009 (1 Champion)

7 Puppies 4 Boys 3 Girls (Milton Bradley) Litter 4/15/2010 (3


10 Puppies 6 Boys 4 Girls (Alice In Wonderland) Litter 

                                                                             5/4/2011 (2 Champions)

                                                                     3 Puppies 2 Boys 1 Girl (Kloudy Movies) Litter 7/11/2012

                                                                     2 Puppies 1 Boy 1 Girl (Leader) Litter 3/14/2013 1 Champion

                                                                     2 Puppies 1 Boy 1 Girl (Baseball) Litter 10/29/2013

Whelped- 9/20/2007 Owner- Deanna and Ben Never
Sire- CH. BISS Fallen Oak Araphoe Bruno Breeder- Deanna Never and Dan Campeau
Dam- CH. Suddanly Swiss Runs Pride, CGC AKC Championship at 13 months from the
Fit Weight- 105#   Breed by Class 10/25/08.
Height- 26 inches at the shoulder Grand Championship Feb 2011


Health Clearences-


OFA Hips- SMH-1812F32F-VPI- Fair

OFA Elbows-SMH-EL1545F24-VPI Normal
OFA Shoulders- SMH-SH520F17-VPI Normal
DNA- V596067
Eye Cerf- SMH-1202
Heart Cerf- SMH-CA183/24F/P-VPI Normal
CHIC#- 65576
Brucellosis- negative
 P2Y12- Clear  


Aare is a talented young girl.  Aare finished her championship at 13 months from the bred by class.  So far she has had a great start to her show career.  She went to her first show at 6 months old she won her first point and the next day took a three point major.  At the 2008 National Specialty in Oxford, Ohio she went Best Puppy in Show.  She has a great future ahead of her with hopes of one day passing her qualities onto her offspring.  Most of all she is a great friend and companion.



Aare is a medium-sized, balanced, and an athletic girl.  She is drafty yet elegant.  She has a good topline, front, and a solid rear.  Aare has a medium length and wavy coat with black undercoat on her body and grayish brown undercoat on her neck.  Her colors are very clear and rich.  Aare has a beautiful and feminine headpiece.



Aare has nice movement. She has a sturdy, but elegant build.   Hopefully she will have a great career as a special.    



Aare has a typical swissy personality.  She is friendly after meeting new people.  She loves to play with children, puppies, and small breed dogs.  She is very motherly.  She deals very well with new and different situations.   Aare will soon be tested for her Therapy Dog Title through Therapy Dog Incorporated.  She loves to show off in the show ring. 

Aare plays well with most dogs.  She will not go looking to get into it with other dogs she rather stick to herself and be a little independent.  Within the family Aare is alpha.  She has a strong willed personality and takes everything in stride.




Ch. BISS Fallen Oak Arapahoe Bruno
Hips Good
Elbows- Normal
CH Sur Swissy EL Sur
Hips- Excellent
Elbows- Normal
Tri-Satin's Indiana Jones
Alpenblick's Dorli
Seavaridge's Basilic Isabella
Hips- Good
Elbows- Normal
Shadetree Seavaridge Flashing
Hips- Good
Elbows- Normal
Seavaridge Ivy Von Ironcross
Hips- Good
Elbows- Normal
Ch. Suddanly Swiss Runs Pride
Hips- Good
Elbows- Normal
CH. Whispering Palm's SD Jefferson
Hips- Fair
Elbows- Normal
Ch. Rina's Lazar Von Thrall
Ch Von Thrall's Lucy Dixon
Hips- Excellent
Elbows- Normal

Ch. Nox's Suddanly American Pride
Ch. Nico De La Lichouterie De Fraulein
Hips- Excellent
Elbows- Normal
CH Derby’s Mint Julep of Tico

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