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BISS Am/Can GCHG Swiss Run’s Jamaican Me Crazy, CD, WWD, MDD, NBDD, RE, PT, CGCA, CGCU, TDI, NWPD, VGS, ROM

Mon is a boy we bred out of Nessa and Stevie.  From the start he has always been the center of attention.  He is a big goofy boy with so much love to spread around.  Mon is available for stud to approved girls. 

Mon Has Sired-

2 Puppies 1 Boy 1 Girl (Leader) Litter 3/14/2013 (1 Champion)

2 Puppies 1 Boy 1 Girl (Baseball) litter 10/29/2013

4 Boys (Bob Marley) litter 1/20/2014 (1 Champion)

3 Puppies 1 Boy 2 Girls (Percy Jackson) Litter 4/20/2014 (1 Champion)

11 Puppies 6 Boys 5 Girls from Remington's Pride 5/29/2014 (2 Champion)

7 Puppies 4 Boy 3 Girls from Rodeo Swissy 5/29/2014 (3 Champion)

8 Puppies 3 Boys 5 Girls from Swiss Mount Farm 9/5/2014 (1 Champion)

6 Puppies 3 Boys 3 Girls (VT litter) 10/20/2014 (3 Champion)

7 Puppies 4 Boys 3 Girls from Firefly Swissys 10/27/2014 (1 Champion)

10 Puppies 7 Boys 3 Girls (Rock Of Ages) Litter 4/17/2015 (2 Champion)

10 Puppies 4 Boys 7 Girls (Detective) Litter 2/15/2016 (1 Champion)

3 Puppies 3 Boys (3 Musketeers) Litter 5/30/2016

8 Puppies 5 Boys 3 Girls From Double Q/SweetValley GSMD (R) Litter 8/10/2016 (1 Champion)

8 Puppies 1 Boy 7 Girls (Days) Litter 3/21/2017

4 Puppies 4 Boys (Cowboy Boots) Litter 9/6/2017

Whelped- 12/5/2010 Owner- Deanna Never and Ben Never
Sire- GCH. Shadtree's Xango Breeder- Deanna and Ben Never
Dam- GCH. Swiss Run's Horsin Around

AKC Championship:

Fit Weight- 4 years old 120#
11/24/2011- Bred-By Group 1
Height- 4 years old 27 inches
11/26/2011- New Champion at 11 months





Health Clearences-


OFA Hips- Good

OFA Elbows- normal
OFA Shoulders- Normal
DNA- V727140
Eye Cerf- Normal
Heart Cerf- clear
CHIC#- 87533
 Brucellosis- Negative
 PennHip- 90% Right-.32 Left- .25
 P2Y12- Carrier D/D Non-Dilute Carrier


Mon is a fun loving boy who is always making us laugh.  Mon finished his championship in less that a year with limited showing.  Mon has proven to be a great working dog and show dog.  He has be a joy to show and we have had so much fun getting his working titles.

Mon is a medium-sized, tight, balenced, and athletic boy.  He has a lot of breed type, but not over done.  He has a solid topline, great front with a nice shoulder layback, and a solid rear.  Mon has rich colors with a short black coat, black under coat on hid body, and brown under coat on his neck.  Mon has always had nice tight feet.  Mon has a pleasing head piece and it is always full of expresion.



Mon has great reach and drive.  He is sturdy and drafty, but moves with ease.  He is well muscled and when he uses his body to its full potential he will be stunning in the show ring.



Mon is usually the center of attention.  He loves to be pet and loves people and other animals.  Mon is usually doing something to get people to notice him.  He does like to talk.  Over all Mon is a wonderful companion and  show dog.  I can't wait to see what the future will bring for him.




BISS. GCH. Shadetree's Xango Hips- Good
Elbows- Normal
CH Willow Whsppalms Smarty Jones
Hips- Good
Elbows- Normal
CH. Painted MTN Secretatiat Hips- Excellent
Elbows- Normal
CH. Sudnly Whsppalms Summerstorm 
CH. Shadetree's Let Fredom Ring
Hips- Good Elbows- Normal
CH. Shadetree's OktoberFest ROM
CH. Shadtree's Xanadu v Thrall
Ch. Swiss Run's  Horsin Around
Hips-good elbows- normal shoulders- normal
eyes- clear
BISS. CH. Shadetree's Madura, CGC, TDI, RN Elbows- Normal PennHip 50%
CH. Polyanna's Fynnagan Hips- Good Elbows- Normal
CH. Rippling Water's Jordan Hips- Excellent
Elbows- Normal
CH. Suddanly Swiss Run Pride, CGC Hips- Good Elbows normal
CH. Wispering Palm's SD Jefferson
Hips- Fair Elbows- Normal
CH. Nox's Suddanly American Pride

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