Here are our retired dogs

Shadetree's SR Dream Catcher "Sobe" Mother of the "Fishing" Litter OFA Good Hips, eye cerf, Thyroid normal.

Swiss Run's Horsin Around "Nessa" Mother if the "Ben and Jerry's"
and "Movie Quote" Litters 
OFA Hips Good, normal elbows, normal shoulders,
normal heart, eye cerf normal, P2Y12- Carrier CHIC-85326

1507997_10152170536249798_2122558892_n.jpg           486655_478689942154646_1128079420_n.jpg

CH Swiss Run's Off With Her Head "Arley" Mother           CH Swiss Run's Miss Scarlett "Rasta"

of the "Percy Jackson" Litter OFA Good Hips, Normal       OFA Good Hips, Normal Elbows, Shoulders, P2Y12 Clear

Elbows, Shoulders, and Eyes. P2Y12- Clear                    Elbows, and Eyes.  P2Y12- Clear Mother of the "Smuggler's Notch",

                                                                        "Bob Marley", and "Pageant" Litters

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