Pet Memorials


There is a pretty place up in the sky,
Where special animals go when they die.
A place to stay and wait all day
Until their master comes their way.

For some the wait is short and sweet,
For others time drags on leaded feet.
Row upon row by heaven's gate
The noble, furried creatures wait.

For a certain footstep that they know,
For a certain voice to say, "Let's go."
And so you left us on this day
For a place of no pain, to run, to play.

But keep your eyes upon the gate,
I'll try not to be late.
I'll softly call your name and then,
Together, life will be good again.
-- "Doc" Frank G. Nuanes.




Frasco was our first swissy. Bubba Gump started our Swiss Run Kennel. He has been a loyal and great friend. Frasco has been able to enjoy a life of luxury. Once we got one Swissy it was not enough, you can never have to many Swissys. Frasco is the start of where our story begins. Frasco is from Suddanly Swissys. Sadly we lost our baby boy on 11/16/07. He will be missed, but never forgotten.






488338_10151098819219798_1665791669_n.jpgBISS GCH CH Swiss Run's SD Patriot, CGC, NWPD

Riot was our best show boy from out first litter, SUV litter.  He was a big, goofy boy who will be terribly missed.  Riot fathered two litter our "Fishing" litter then a litter of three our of Gretta.  He was a great show dog and sparkled in the ring.  He was taken from us way to suddanly, but we will cherish all our memories.



CH Suddanly Swiss Runs Pride, ROM, CGC

Our girl Miss Essa was a very entertaining girl. She was always doing something crazy for a good laugh. She was an attention hog and would do anything or go up to anyone for an ear scratch. Essa was our foundation bitch and blessed us with three beautiful litters. We are very fortunate for the time we had with her and the joy she brought us and puppy families. We will miss you. She was from suddanly swissys.






We rescued Vixen when she was 2 years old. She was a happy and fun loving girl. When she was four she had a spleenic torsion and 6 months later she passed away.










C.H. Shultz

Shultz was the highlight of the farm. He was loved dearly and will be missed. He unfortunately got bone cancer and passed away at the age of eleven.








We got Spooky in Florida at a pet store. She was a cat that was very happy and in her own world more of the time. We had a great 18 years with her. Now she can play with Dewfunny again.









Dewey was a Florida cat I got when I was ten. He took the trip up with us when we moved to Massachusetts. He had a lot of personality and character. He lived a long happy life and passed away at the age of 18.







CH Michael

Mikey was a horse that was rescued last fall. He had a whole lot of love in him. He was also great to give loving too. He passed away in early April. We will miss the big guy.










Kadence was a quarter horse mare shared by my mom and Christie. I can’t say she was a nice girl, but she worked hard and enjoyed her job. She unfortunately died of colic when she was 10.

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