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GCH Swiss Run's Fiddlehead CGC TKD, FDC.  Fern is out of out "VT" Litter with Mon and Eclair.  Pictured at 15 months with her brother Bowdoin laying down.


Whelped- 10/20/2014 Owner- Deanna Never andApril Bender
Sire-BISS AM/CAN GCH Swiss Run's Jamaican Me Crazy CD, CGC, DD, WWD, PT, VGS "Mon" Breeder- Deanna Neverand Evan Davis
Dam- CH. Swiss Run’s Black Bear "Eclair"


11/29/15- New Champion

Fit Weight- 90 #


Height- 25 inches


Health Clearences-


OFA Hips- Good

OFA Elbows- Normal
OFA Shoulders- Normal
Heart Cerf-
Eye Cerf-
 P2Y12- Clear








BISS AM/CAN GCH CH Swiss Run's Jamaican Me Crazy, CD, RE, CGC, DD, WWD, PT VGS 

(OFA hips Good, normal shoulders and elbows, eyes)


BISS GCH. Shadetree's Xango (Hips- Good, shoulders normal, elbows normal, Eyes- Normal)

CH Willow Whsppalm Smarty Jones (OFA Hips Good, Normal Elbows and SHoulders)

CH Sudnly Whsppalm's Summerstorm (OFA Good, Normal elbows)

GCH. Swiss Run's Horsin Around (OFA good, Normal elbows and shoulders)

BISS GCH Shadetree's Madura (Pennhip 50% Elbows, eyes, and shoulders Normal)

CH. Suddanly Swiss Run's Pride (OFA Good Elbows,Eyes,and Shoulders Normal)

CH. Swiss Run's Black Bear (OFA Hips fair, normal left elbow grade 1 right, shoulders and eyes normal)

BISS GCH Shadetree's Madura (Pennhip 50%, Elbows, eyes, and Shoulders normal)

CH Polyanna's Fynnagan (OFA Hips good elbows normal)

CH Rippling Water's Jordan (OFA Hips Excellent elbows Normal)

CH. Swiss Run's Miss Scarlett (OFA Hips Good, Normal elbows, shoulders, and eyes)

CH Shadetree's Green Eggs and Ham(OFA Hips Good Elbows and shoulders Normal)

GCH Swiss Run's Sd Denali (OFA Hips Fair, Elbows, eyes, Shoulders Normal



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