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Canubi pictured at 2 years old  CH Swiss Run's Rastaman Vibrations

Whelped- 1/20/2014 Owner- Deanna Never and Marie Young
Sire-Am/CAn GCHG BISS Swiss Run's Jamaican Me Crazy, CD, RE, CGCA, CGCU, DD, WWD, PT, NBDD, VGS, ROM "Mon" Breeder- Deanna and Ben Never
Dam- CH Swiss Run's Miss Scarlett "Rasta"



Fit Weight- 120 24 months
Height- 27 24 months


Health Clearences-


OFA Hips- Excellent

OFA Elbows- Good 
OFA Shoulders- Normal

Eye Cerf- Normal
CHIC #- 114921
 P2Y12-  Carrier



Canubi is a fun loving boy who is always making us laugh.  

Canubi is a medium-sized, tight, balenced, and athletic boy.  He has a lot of breed type, but not over done.  He has a solid topline, great front with a nice shoulder layback, and a solid rear.  Canubi has rich colors with a short black coat, red under coat on his body, and brown under coat on his neck.  Canubi has a pleasing head piece and it is always full of expresion.



Canubi has great reach and drive.  He is sturdy and drafty, but moves with ease.  He is well muscled and when he uses his body well.



Canubi is a gofy boy..  He loves to be pet and loves people and other animals.  He does like to talk.  Over all Canubi is a wonderful companion and  show dog.  I can't wait to see what the future will bring for him.


BISS Am/Can GCHG CH Swiss Run's Jamaican Me Crazy, CD, RE, PT, CGCA, CGCU, DD, NBDD, WWD, ROM, VGS 

(OFA hips Good, normal shoulders and elbows)


BISS GCH. Shadetree's Xango (Hips- Good, shoulders normal, elbows normal, Eyes- Normal)

CH Willow Whsppalm Smarty Jones (OFA Hips Good, Normal Elbows and SHoulders)

CH Sudnly Whsppalm's Summerstorm (OFA Good, Normal elbows)

GCH. Swiss Run's Horsin Around (OFA good, Normal elbows and shoulders)

BISS GCH Shadetree's Madura (Pennhip 50% Elbows, eyes, and shoulders Normal)

CH. Suddanly Swiss Run's Pride (OFA Good Elbows,Eyes,and Shoulders Normal)

CH Swiss Run's Miss Scarlett (OFA Good, normal elbows, shoulders, and eyes)

CH Shadetree's Green Eggs And Ham (Hips- Excellent, elbows normal, Eyes- Normal)

CH. Suma-Shadetree Your Hired!  (OFA Excellent hips normal eyes)

CH. Shadetree's Diamond Ring (OFA Good normal elbows and eyes)

GCH. Swiss Run's SD Denali (OFA Fair, Normal elbows and shoulders)

GCH Fallen Oak Arapho Bruno (OFA Hips Good Elbows and eyes)

CH Sudenly Swiss Runs Pride(OFA Hips Good, Elbows and Shoulders Normal)

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