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    Mission Statement:
       Our breeding program is devoted to improve the breed through selective breeding practices and in the education of new puppy owners. Our goal is to produce structurally sound, correct, and healthy puppies that meet the breed standards. We are also striving to produce good temperaments, longevity, and willingness to work. Our puppies are raised in a family setting with a lot of love and care. We have very limited litters per year allowing us to concentrate on our breeding program. A Swissy is not for everyone so care is taken in placing them in a suitable and loving home.


  • Here are the Current Updates for Swiss Run Swissy's:


    Thank you everyone four a great year!!!

    12/1/12-we sent in 6 dogs for ofa all came back ofa good hips normal elbows.  5 of the six we bred with us!

    8/12- Autumn finished her Championship and her brother Moose also finished his champinship.  Giving Sobe and Riot three champions.

    Moose finished his championship in two weekend six days.

    6/17- Itchy and Kloudy are now Champions

    5/12- Moose (Sobe/Riot) went to his first dog show and went best of winners and Best Of Breed over 6 specials for a 5 point major.  Then one sunday went Best Of Winners for his second major.  After his first weekend out he is at 8 points and both majors down.

    Brother and sister Salvo and Gala are one major away from their championships

    We started the year off with a trip to Westminster Dog Show with Helyas. 

  • group2.jpgIs the Swissy Right for Me?

    The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a fun and entertaining breed to have around, but please consider some of the following facts when deciding if a Swissy is right for you.

    To properly train a Swissy it takes time and patience. Does your lifestyle properly allow you to train and raise a working dog? A working dog is bold, faithful, and hard working breed.

    The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a large breed that requires space. They also need moderate exercise and stimulating exercise. Being a true working breed, they do best having a job or purpose. Swissy’s are not lazy dogs that lay around all the time.

    Swissys love their families and being around them. They don’t do well in a kennel or confined situation. They enjoy being in the center of the activity and getting most of the attention. The Swissys enjoy the winter weather, but don’t like being left out in the cold weather. They can also be suited well in the warm weather being provided with a kiddy pool.            Read More .... >>>


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