Temperament and Personality

As a leader a Swiss must have confidence. He shouldn’t be nervous or aggressive. They are very alert, good work ethic, responsible, and attentive. They must be calm, intelligent, and gentle.

Hearing all this it may sound like a perfect dog, but keep in mind; they like to meet the world on their own terms. They can be inquisitive and domineering. They are ones to go out and check on situations to make sure everything is ok. They flourish on their close bonds with their family and other animals in the house. They were bred to work close by your side and other animals. The Swissy is a very in tune to your feelings and sensitive about their own.

The energy level of a Swissy can differ between dogs. They stay busy, but keep in mind most of it is guarding work so it is done laying down and keeping a eye and ear open. One draw back to this breed it their constant need to be close with there owner. You can sit down and read your book, but if you get up so will your Swissy. No matter what you do they will be there helping.

A Swissy is not the type of breed for just any family. They need a family that is active and willing to take the time to socialize and train their Swissy. They are not tri-colored Labradors that are happy with a pat on the head and content laying in the corner with a ball. They need the interaction with the family and a job to keep them busy.