CH Swiss Run Caller’s We Didn’t Start The Fire “Storm” is our girl bred by Callen GSMD. Retired

Pictured at 2 years old


4 Puppies 1 Boys 3 Girls “Weather” Litter DOB-1/14/2021

7 puppies 4 boys 3 girls (Tim Burton) litter DOB- 9/29/2021

Whelped- 5/11/2018 Owner- Deanna Never and April Bender
Sire- GCH Swiss Run’s I’ll Be Your Wingman Anytime “Merlin” Breeder- April Bender and Deanna Never
Dam- GCH Swiss Run’s Fiddlehead “Fern”

Fit Weight- 24 months 100#
Height- 26 inches at 24 months

Health Clearances-

OFA Hips- Good OFA Elbows- Normal
OFA Shoulders- Normal Heart Cerf-
Eye Cerf-normal with distichiasis CHIC #- 153673
 P2Y12-  clear by parentage DNA-

Storm will hopefully hit the show ring this fall


Storm is a medium, balanced, and an athletic girl.  She is drafty yet elegant.  She has a decent topline and front.   Storm has a short thick coat with a black undercoat on her body and grayish brown undercoat on her neck.  Her colors are very clear and rich.  Storm has a beautiful and feminine headpiece.


Storm has nice movement with reach and drive. She has a sturdy, but elegant build.


Strom has a sweet personality.  She is friendly after meeting new people.  She loves to play with children, puppies, and small breed dogs.  She is very motherly.  She deals very well with new and different situations.  She will not go looking to get into it with other dogs she rather stick to herself and be a little independent.

Swiss Run’s I’ll Be Your Wingman Anytime (OFA Hips good, elbows, shoulder, and eyes normal)
CH. Shadetree’s Sweet Cash For Gold

(OFA hips Good, normal eyes and elbows)

 CH. Suma-Shadetree Your Hired! (Hips- Excellent Eyes- Normal)
 CH. Suma-Shadetree Serenghetti (OFA Excellent, Normal elbows)
 CH.Swiss Run’s Cold Beer And A FIshing Pole (OFA Good, normal elbows, shoulders, heart, and eyes  MBISS GCH CH.Swiss Run’s SD Patriot, CGC, NWPD (OFA Good, normal elbows, shoulders, heart, and eyes)
 CH. Shadetree’s SR Dream Catcher, CGC (OFA Good,eyes)
CH.Swiss Run’s Fiddlehead (OFA Hips Good Elbows and Shoulders normal) GCH Swiss Run’s Jamaican Me Crazy (OFA GOod hips shoulders, elbows, and eyes normal) GCH Shadetree’s Xango (OFA good hips, Elbows, Shoulders, and Elbows Normal)
GCH Swiss Run’s Horsin Around (OFA Hips Good, Elbows, Shoulders, and Eyes Normal)
CH Swiss Run’s Black Bear (OFA Hips Fair Elbows left grade 1, Shoulders, and Eyes Normal) GCH Shadetree’s Madura  (PennHip505, Elbows, Shoulders, and Eyes Normal)
CH Swiss Run’s Miss Scarlett (OFA hips Good Elbows, Shoulders, and Eyes Normal)