Shadetree Swiss Run’s Ridin Slinky Dog Dash FDC “Slinky Dog”  Pictured at 8 weeks retired

Litters Sired-

Whelped- 4/7/2020 Owner- Deanna Never
Sire-Am/Can GCHG BISS Swiss Run’s Jamaican Me Crazy, CD, RE, CGCA, CGCU, MDD, TKA, FDC, WWD, PT, NBDD, VGS, ROM“Mon” Breeder- Cathy Cooper
Dam- CH Swiss Run’s Magic At Hollywood Studios “Hollywood”
Fit Weight-  months
Height- inches   months
Health Clearances-

OFA Hips- OFA Elbows-
OFA Shoulders-
Eye Cerf- CHIC #
 P2Y12- Clear DNA-
 D/D- NON- Blue Carrier

E/E- Non- Red Carrier

Slinky Dog is a fun boy goofy boy.  Like his father he is full of antics.





BISS Am/Can GCHG CH Swiss Run’s Jamaican Me Crazy, CD, RE, PT, CGCA, CGCU, DD, NBDD, WWD, ROM, VGS 

(OFA hips Good, normal shoulders and elbows)


BISS GCH. Shadetree’s Xango (Hips- Good, shoulders normal, elbows normal, Eyes- Normal) CH Willow Whsppalm Smarty Jones (OFA Hips Good, Normal Elbows and SHoulders)
CH Sudnly Whsppalm’s Summerstorm (OFA Good, Normal elbows)
GCH. Swiss Run’s Horsin Around (OFA good, Normal elbows and shoulders) BISS GCH Shadetree’s Madura (Pennhip 50% Elbows, eyes, and shoulders Normal)
CH. Suddanly Swiss Run’s Pride (OFA Good Elbows,Eyes,and Shoulders Normal)
CH Swiss Run’s Magic At Hollywood Studios (OFA excellent, normal shoulders, elbows, and eyes) BIS BISS BINSS GCHG Derby’s Toast With Gutso (Hips Excellent Elbows, eyes, and shoulders Normal) CH. Derby’s Academy Award  (OFA Excellent hips normal elbows and eyes)
CH. Derby’s Toast To Belline  (OFA normal elbows)
GCH. Swiss Run’s I Feel The Need, The Need For Speed (OFA Excellent, Normal elbows, eyes, and shoulders) GCH Shdetree’s Sweet Cash For Gold (Hips- Good, elbows normal, Eyes normal)
CH Swiss Run’s Cold Beer And A Fishing Pole (Hips- Good, elbows normal, Eyes and shoulder- Normal)